I was in yesterday and the day before for a wisdom tooth extraction, the second one in a short space of time! But I just wanted to say a massive thank you to my dentist Helen who made the whole process so much easier and made me feel completely at ease the whole time! I normally don’t like going to the dentist but this time made me change my mind! Even though it was a horrible procedure Helen made sure I was comfortable the whole time and was constantly reassuring! Can’t thank you enough! Hopefully won’t be back soon for any more teeth to be taken out but if I do I know it will be an easy and stress free experience! Thanks so much to everyone at bite for being so nice! Best dentist I have been too!

Kind regards

Helen Young

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Eimear and Laura for the work they did on my teeth yesterday. I had an old filling that was leaking, which Eimear was going to replace for me. Laura offered to numb my tooth early while she was carrying out a scale and polish, so that there would be no pain during the replacement. I felt no pain while Eimear was carrying out the work, which she did with her usual speed, professionalism and care, and afterwards there was none of the pins-and-needles I’ve had in the past while the local anaesthetic was wearing off, I had very little pain in my tooth that evening and none today – and I can eat hot food with both sides of my mouth for the first time in years! Worth every penny, thank you so much!

Kind regards


I would like to thank you and your lovely colleagues for the wonderful care and treatment I have received since attending your practice. I am extremely grateful to have been fitted in so quickly and am delighted with my improved smile.

Your understanding and gentle approach has completely restored my trust and confidence in dentists. ( well….bitedentistry ones anyway!)

Thank you so much Kindest regards


Hi there!

Just to let you know that since I have had my gap fixed it has meant I smile more, smiling more means I have felt better and more positive and think this has improved all areas of my life!

Thanks so much Eimear!


Dear Eimear …

I just wanted to write to let you know how delighted I am with my new tooth! It has totally changed how my whole bite feels…. It’s like having a normal mouth now and to think I’d lived with that other things for YEARS! Thank you so much … I’m so happy .


To Eimear and Elizabeth

Thanks for all your kindness and professionalism ! Much love and for a job well done….


Dear Eimear

I wanted to write to thank you for the excellent service i have received at Bite dentistry. It is now 10 years since I first attended your practice with fairly serious dental problems and the ever present awareness that dentures were the likely next option as one tooth (or crown ) after the other became infected or fell out. you started wiith the basics of a rigorous dental health regime involving diet and strict hygiene and then got to work on my mouth which had been chronically uncomfortable for many years.

After about 6 months I was pain free for the first time in over a decade. Since then you have dealt with various problems( which had resulted from 20 years of suboptimal care)as they arose to leave me with a reasonable smile and function. Then, less than a year ago, my front teeth finally gave way. This was obviously not unexpected but the inevitability of it did not reduce the dismay I felt when I thought the dreaded dentures were finally coming my way – I’m still only in my forties!

Once again however you came to the fore with an amazing plan to restore, not only my smile, but also the function of my teeth, without the hint of a denture. The implementation of this plan was very stream-lined, which was very important to me as a busy professsional and mother. Your colleague and gifted surgeon, David Offord, performed the initial prepartion for 5 implants in one sitting, and you followed up with various fittings and a truly magnificent result just 6 months later .

Having had a rather patchy-looking set for many years, colleagues and friends now comment on my beautiful set of teeth, and more importantly I can eat anything without worrying that something is going to crack or fall-out.

I think I am very lucky to have such a talented professional looking after my teeth. I appreciate your amazing commitment to your work, which is, as a result first class. I recommend you unreservedly to anybody who is embarking on any sort of dental treatment as you provide such an extensive range, and explain options at every step so clearly. I hope you remain my dentist until your retirement, but I am afraid you may have done yourself out of a job (except for check-ups)for several years now!!

Lastly, but not least, I would like to thank all your team, who have always been so kind and efficient and must be the cheerist in edinburgh – service with a smile!


Dearest Eimear,

Thank you so much giving me a smile I can be proud of, this means a lot to me.


Dearest Eimear

I am very pleased with the result. It looks very natural. See you for my check up!

Much love Jean


Thanks Eimear

Thanks Eimear, You did a brilliant job!


Dear Eimear

I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent dental care and treatment which I have received over the past year. I had never had any serious dental problems before, so coming to you from another dental practice in pain, distressed and in shock over the possibility of losing my tooth I was immediately impressed by your colleague Elizabeth’s sensitivity and kind words at reception which encouraged me to see you. Eimear, I was touched by your sensitivity in treating me as a person and in you going the extra mile, with your time and in your thoroughness of getting rid of an ongoing tooth infection, and in giving me a tooth implant which now feels like a natural part of me. It is rare to find a dentist like yourself who has both a genuine passion for everything related to teeth combined with a compassionate care and desire to achieve the very best results for each person. A warm thank you for giving me back my smile and self confidence – what a wonderful gift! Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend you to others.

With all good wishes and warm thanks to you and your friendly and dedicated staff,


Poem for Eimear


Nothing could be any clearer that,

without the Odontological Arts of Eimear,

I would now have no teeth.

Each and every one would have come to grief.

No canine, nor even a molar,

would have survived there long exposure

to toffee, cake and fizzy cola.

Eimear looked and said, ”This is a shock.

The time has come to put a stop

to all this de-dentition.”

I said, ”im afraid that one day ill be eating only liquid and slops

in a gum-only condition.”

But Eimear said, ”No, no. It is not yet too late

to save your chance to masticate

and eat well of all sorts of food.”

I said, ”Eimear, that would be very good:

To become again a chewing mammal

even though I’ve lost so much enamel.”

So Eimear and her magical team

set to work while i dreamed

of a long lost love who, it sometimes seemed,

would have loved me more if my teeth had gleamed.

So, with many and incredibly scientific tool,

Eimear sculpted my teeth, and I hoped to look cool

(though the truth is, at this stage, i tended to drool).

Can i say though (and this might seem like a digression)

at the end of every drilling session

there is nothing more socially thrilling

than a horrible cavity replaced by a filling.

Then came the day when Eimear revealed,

in a mirror, each tooth capped, bridged and sealed.

She said, ”Go now, into the world,

and let your new smile be unfurled.”

So I walked out onto Glenn street, confident and tall:

Eimear had given me a smile that would surely enthrall

a Duchess, a Champion Yachtswoman, or even a Gangster’s Moll.

So, if your teeth should crumble and fall,

go quickly to Eimear and she will initally stall

any deterioration, then give you a smile that will outshine even Lauren Bacall,

though you will have to supply your own husky, and intriguingly amorous, drawl….