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3 Ways To Fix Your Missing Teeth

posted December 11th, 2018

Missing teeth can have a drastic impact on your image and really affect your confidence. Fortunately, there are several ways that these can be fixed at your dental practice. You don’t need to worry or feel embarrassed about the issue - missing teeth are a common occurrence and fixing them is a regular procedure in dental practices. There are several simple options to replace the tooth with ease.

What Causes Missing Teeth?

There are many causes for missing teeth - from being knocked out in an accident such as a trip or fall, to loss of teeth from decay or illness and disease. Teeth can also be missing due to genetic causes.

Top Ways to Fix Missing Teeth:

There are several ways you can get your missing teeth fixed at the dentist, including:

1. Dental Implant

An implant is one of the most popular ways to replace a missing tooth. The implant has a natural look and feel, replacing the root of your missing tooth and leaving you with a tooth that blends in against your existing teeth. The end result is the most satisfying and you can eat, chew, brush and live your daily life as normal with it in. Dental implants also work to preserve the existing bone that helps give our face its shape - helping you retain your natural look and smile.

2. Bridge

Bridges can be used to fix one or several missing teeth. The bridge is a strong fixed technique that is cemented in your mouth, where false teeth are fixed onto existing teeth. With the latest advancements, bridges can now be fixed at Bite Dentistry in the same day - making bridges a quick solution to your missing teeth problem.

3. Dentures

Full or partial dentures are available to fix missing teeth. These are removable plates that have false teeth attached. Many users find that dentures may take a bit of getting used to, and can be prone to move slightly within the mouth.

Which Method Should I Use To Fix My Teeth?

Although all three options are popular, many users prefer the reliability and comfort of having a fixed solution and so choose to invest in a bridge or dental implants. These can give a higher quality of comfort and security for the wearer. If you’re unsure which treatment is most suited for you and your requirements, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our team today who will be happy to advise.

Fix Your Missing Teeth Today

At Bite Dentistry we understand the impact that missing teeth can have on your life - which is why we pride ourselves on a quick and effective service that treats you as efficiently as possible. Using the latest techniques, we can offer a variety of treatments, such as CEREC bridges, on a same-day-treatment programme - meaning you can enjoy your restored smile as quickly as possible. Find out more today by calling us on 01312284030 and or filling in our contact form here.

"Dental implant treatment has changed my life, it’s changed my smile, it’s changed everything about me!"

Dr. Eimear O'Connell

BDS (Edin, 1992) MFGDP

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